Competitive Advantages

Our Pillar of Success

1.Comprehensive Integrated Service

Incorporated Builders Group provides a comprehensive range of integrated services, with all departments united by a common service culture. This to our clients means one point of accountability on all issues pertaining to their project. One single-streamlined channel of communication and coordination over all relevant architectural and construction disciplines ensures seamless project implementation and results in immeasurable savings in time and costs.

2. ISO 9001 & ISO 45001 Certification

Incorporated Builders Group has been ISO 9001 certified for the implementation of a Quality Management System for Building Construction, Civil Engineering and Interior Works. In addition, we have been ISO 45001 certified for our Occupational Health & Safety Management System. Our stringent control over processes, quality and safety foster an incident-free environment which helps facilitate a smooth and timely project implementation.

3. Environmental Policy

Incorporated Builders Group strongly promotes green practices within the building, construction and real estate industry. We are proud to be ISO 14001 certified for our Environmental Management System. Our Project Management team draws on a wealth of knowledge and expertise to meet all clients’ building construction needs, including the competent execution of projects in full compliance with Green Mark and Energy Efficient rating systems.

4. Cost Efficiency

The commitment of Incorporated Builders Group to the generation of maximum value and returns for our clients is reflected in our relentless efforts to refine process efficiency and mitigate construction risk. In particular, Incorporated Builders Group’s Value Engineering Services helps clients explore ways of optimizing resources and refining building processes without compromising on quality and safety. The resulting savings are in turn pass on to our clients.

5. Progress Reportage

Incorporated Builders Group has adopted a concise progress reporting system, which clearly document the status of all work-in-progress on the site of any given project.

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